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    My character Lotus for signs at my booth at conventions with llliq.

    Our character Lotus for NEW promotional purposes for a NEW year of cons! Up next, Sakura-con in Seattle!

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    After some hard work, I have all of my most recent prints available for sale now on my storenvy!

    I will be updating with some more traditional stuff in a few days when I can scan, but so far there are quite a few limited prints (that I only sell around 5 of or less per con), one traditional print and a few prints that haven’t been printed before this year ‘cause they’re so brand spankin’ new!!!

    Thanks for your guys’ support, I hope you will at least check it out! There might be some kinks still so I appreciate some feedback if anyone notices anything. 

    Much love,


    Go check out Milk’s newly opened store!!!

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    Blood Pattern BLUE (パターン青) 2014


    -Hey guys! I am opening a storenvy online shop this weekend to sell prints, toys and stickers, and this will be one of the prints- my first finished image of 2014! More updates later this weekend-

    Some of Milk’s new work!

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    Two-Star Mako! Pose!

    Sketch commission for a friend

    Another fantastic commission example of Milk’s traditional style.

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    gsc color palette is seriously the best

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  6. The new design for our anti-virus character Lotus!