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Convention season is over now, and we have some prime stock leftover for you to snatch up! Prices have dropped and will remain that way until the 22nd (September), or while supplies last. Items include regular poster prints, super limited♥ metallic prints, and super-sized posters! Some images are even ones I will be discontinuing as products next year, so get them while you can 

All purchases during this time will include a free (random) LOTUS expression card, or a rare card of her newest image for my Electro Girl book! (see last four images of the photoset)



It’s the end of the season, and it’s been another great year, with only some stock leftover from conventions. Prices have been dropped on select items and will remain that way until Sept. 21st, while supplies last. Items include metallic prints, XL prints (limited), and cards. Between now and the next batch of prints/season, some images may be discontinued as new images are made. 

Orders placed this past season included a surprise bonus card of SUMMER PLAY CLONE 2014. As part of the sale, you too will receive this card if your order contains at least one print: 

Visit sister-site Lovely-Milk’s store for her End of the Season Sale.



Our last con of the season/year, AniRevo!

Here’s a picture of our table setup (feat. our assistant Atticus), a few of the cute cosplayers that came by our booth ( marimo-girl and unknown others, with "Ink"/Miq as Kaworu), and a really nice commission of Milk’s Peche (brought by a fan, drawn by our neighbor porincinque!), and a super meta picture of our booth taken by a sweet fan.

ALSO, special guest appearance by EMOTIONAL SHINJI who could not handle the weight of artist alley.

Thank you everyone! It’s been a great year, hope to see you all again next time!


AX 2014

Hey everybody! If you didn’t know already, we will be returning to Anime Expo this year for a second time! We had an amazing time there last year and hope to see you all again this time too!

Our table number is K36 — we’ll give you a visual map update soon.

Unfortunately, our table is rather deep into the artist alley, and due to the layout of this con, we are both quite concerned about seeing as many people as we usually do — SO, we really hope you come back to see us! And if you are also an artist in the artist alley and know anyone who has a table for sale, please let us know because we would be very interested in expanding to a different location.

Please message us through tumblr or contact us via email: (at)



Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted CONVENTION PRICES for the things you buy in my store? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Because…

This week I am having a small sale!!

HALF OFF shipping for NON US residents*

Sale ends THURSDAY, JUNE 26TH!


Lovely Milk + MilkInk Free Shipping Sale is NOW!

Q: where do you get your stickers printed?

Our current stickers are printed through Zap Creatives. Sorry for the extremely late reply!

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