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Along with a few newly available prints, there is also a new type of print — METALLIC! This paper just came in and I am quite excited about how it looks. The unique paper-type has an almost 3D quality to it, rendering colors with an iridescently crisp shine. See metallic options HERE.

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AX 2014

Hey everybody! If you didn’t know already, we will be returning to Anime Expo this year for a second time! We had an amazing time there last year and hope to see you all again this time too!

Our table number is K36 — we’ll give you a visual map update soon.

Unfortunately, our table is rather deep into the artist alley, and due to the layout of this con, we are both quite concerned about seeing as many people as we usually do — SO, we really hope you come back to see us! And if you are also an artist in the artist alley and know anyone who has a table for sale, please let us know because we would be very interested in expanding to a different location.

Please message us through tumblr or contact us via email: (at)



Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted CONVENTION PRICES for the things you buy in my store? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Because…

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Q: where do you get your stickers printed?

Our current stickers are printed through Zap Creatives. Sorry for the extremely late reply!

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Fanime 2014

Fanime was INCREDIBLE — we will definitely be coming back every year! We apologize again to the numerous people that came by on day 3 and 4 only to be disappointed by the sold out prints they were eyeing before — we severely misjudged on printing quantities!!! However, most everything available at our table is in our online stores or will be soon — or just come see us again at AX in about 1 month!

Lastly, we are really concerned about a risk factor that was brought to our attention during this past weekend — when opening and removing prints from the sealed plastic sleeves, be very careful not to let the sticky adhesive strip on the plastic touch the print!!!If that adhesive strip attaches to the print, it will almost surely rip and damage the print when you try to peel it off. We will from now on be sealing prints in a way to avoid this danger.

Next con: Anime Expo in LA! (table number and details coming soon)